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    Server Features


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    Server Features

    Post by Assault on Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:24 pm

    Hit indicator system
    Laser light system
    Attachments on body
    Suicide bomb system
    Deathmatch system (max 15 players per deathmatch) - Minigun, moneybag, glass break, & RPG dms
    Inventory system
    Anti team kill, jack,headshot, gas, vehiclehit, knife system
    Class system (see the album)
    Interactive textdraws
    GAdmin system (SQLITE)
    Base and shops
    4 types of deathmatch stadiums
    Duel system
    Decent anti cheat
    Sound and fade effects in game
    Interactive gangzones (zones with RED border are bases and Black border are capture zones)
    Prototype system
    Kill streak system
    Headshot, sucide bomb, tear gas, painkillers, armour jacket system
    Object attachments
    Prestige weapons system
    Over 35+ capture zones
    Progress bar v2 for capture zones
    Anthrax and Nuke system
    Airstrike system
    Petrol cap destroy system
    Anti base rape
    Airdrop system
    Anti advertise, spam, flood system
    Integrated GAdmin system
    Donor system with 3 levels
    Prev model dialogs
    Session stats saving
    Prestige weapons system
    Ranks system
    Easy to use Prototype system
    Easy to use Capture zone system (over 30 + capture zones)
    Anthrax system
    Nuke system
    Capture zone bonus: health factory, armour factory, ammo factory
    Weapons madness system
    Killing spree system
    Capture zones spree system
    Server sided money and score include (impossible to hack money and scores).

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